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Comprehensive Response Center

Comprehensive Response Center

IRIUM Integral Response Center is the key solution in IT Support, which combines our Company goals:

  • • Reach the highest level of efficiency.
  • • Optimize our clients´ economic investment costs.

The Integral Response Center, or IRC, is a Support Center strategically organized combining service levels 1 and 2 executed by the same team. Consequently, the number of technicians and the costs decreases significantly.

IRC structure reduces the number of technicians up to 40% , replacing service level 1 (low technical level) by a group of professionals more experienced in solving incidents; this is what we call level 1+ or advanced level 1. Moreover, the number of service level 2 technicians *high technical level), is practically reduced to 50%.

What makes the IRC an outstanding solution is that it does not only balance out results in performance but is able to significantly increase effectiveness in solving incidents in the first call within the first three months. It is in the first year of operation that this estimation is duplicated with respect to a traditional Support Center.

It is important to highlight that the IRC implies a significant costs reduction to the client in human resources, space, equipment, licenses, supply, etc.