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Given the current landscape, people expect companies to provide higher quality in their products and services. The senior executives of IRIUM SOLUCIONES Y SISTEMAS S.L. are fully aware of this responsibility and have therefore established, as part of its continuous improvement process, a Management System based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard for our management and support activities in IT consultancy: technical support, computer platform administration and the development of solutions.

Also, this Policy establishes a framework to ensure that a series of quality goals and targets are set and checked every year.


To do so, IRIUM’s senior executives have established the following commitments:


  • Observe the current laws on quality, as well as other requirements that the company may voluntarily adhere to with its clients.

  • Ensure our clients’ full satisfaction, encouraging IRIUM’ s employees to place customer satisfaction at the heart of their work.

  • Open and maintain communication channels with our stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations and guide us towards their satisfaction.

  • Constantly develop our employees’ qualifications and skills.

  • Guarantee the analysis and follow-up of the relevant processes, establishing the necessary improvements as required, based on the targets set and results.

  • Set targets that focus on improving our performance in quality, and the constant improvement of the processes and activities regulated under the Management System set forth in this Policy.


IRIUM’s Policy is constantly evolving in our company. This is why it is regularly revised and adjusted, it is always in a visible place for the entire staff and it is explained to be understood across the board.

IRIUM knows it can rely on you all to make our company improve day after day and offer a better service to its clients every step of the journey.

Manuel Rubio

Managing Director


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