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(Solutions for protecting critical applications)

Protect your web applications with technology that is always up-to-date, adaptable and in an automated way.

We offer you a series of WAF (Web Application Firewall) services aimed at keeping your most critical applications secure, by offering advanced protection that does not interfere with the agility and growth of your business.

Automated security and management

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Complete protection against the top 10 OWASP in an automated way.

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Protection against ZeroDay attacks through behavioural analysis techniques.

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24x7 Assistance and support.

The development of web applications is increasingly complex and fast. Development and operations practices (DevOPS) are increasing the level of functionality and frequency of product launches. As the availability of applications is more important than ever for the user experience, web applications are increasingly vulnerable and companies may be exposed to the risk of data leaks and financial losses.

Without the need for specialised staff and without investment in infrastructure.

Generation of predefined and automatic reports.

Real-time control and display of events

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Different service levels according to your needs


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